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Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is something that many women think of but often dismiss as either something only for young women or due to terrible results seen in the media and movies.

But lip augmentation is something that is suitable for all ages. Younger women are often looking for fuller, pouty lips. But did you know that over time we often start to lose our lips and filler can be used to recreate the beautiful lip lines that have faded over time. Don't have lips to start with - we can make them too!

The key to a good outcome with lip augmentation is a very good understanding of a clients goals in relation to lip shape and lip fullness. Rest assured that Dr. Kelly is committed to understanding exactly what you are looking for and achieving the look you want.

Remember - natural looking results are my goal. Most people are looking for improvements with everyone knowing what they had done - just that they look better - and this is my specialty. But rest assured that my goal is to give you exactly what YOU want.

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