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COVID Screening

Posted: 2021-12-10

As we are continuing to adapt to the changing dynamics of the COVID-19 virus, while trying to keep staff and patients safe, we have updated the way we see patients with COVID-19 symptoms in our office. The clinic has increased in-office appointments, as such it is extremely important for all patients to complete the COVID screen prior to coming into the office. This is to ensure we can reduce the risk of COVID exposure for all. Unfortunately there are some conditions that will still require virtual care - so please read the screen result carefully after you complete it. If you have symptoms consistent with COVID and the screener advises you to come into office, you may be required to show proof of negative COVID test result. Please have this result available for when you check-in for your appointment. This will ensure our records are accurate.

Do I really still need to get screened?

Yes, patients will still be screened. Staff will either screen you at time of booking or will send you a screening questionnaire prior to your appointment. We are following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health which states that we must do active and passive screening. All patients must be screened again by the clinic staff at point of entry for symptoms and exposure history on the day of your scheduled appointment. We rely on patients to be truthful about the answers provided on the screen to protect providers, patients and staff.

I have symptoms and my COVID-19 test was Negative, what happens next?

If you have a scheduled appointment with one of our Providers, please be prepared to provide your COVID-19 test result to a staff member upon arrival as you may be required to show proof. You will be screened again for COVID and you will be given a new mask to wear for the duration of your appointment. Your provider may also wish to test you for COVID again depending on your assessment.

Will the clinic call me about my COVID test results if I get another test done?

Given the significance of a positive result, we will communicate any positive results directly to patients. Public Health will also contact you to initiate contact tracing. However, given the widespread and extensive testing that is underway, a "no news is good news" approach can be relied upon for negative results. Patients can access their results online.

Where can I access my COVID test result?

Patients can get their results by visiting the Province of Ontario’s Access COVID-19 test results(opens in new tab) web page.

When can I end my isolation?

Please follow the guidance from Ottawa Public Health, your isolation period will depend on a variety of factors. This PDF document(opens in new tab) will provide you with the answers you need.